Give Me Turkey Sips: 15 Popular Turkish Drinks You Can Try!

The Turkish culture is full of tradition, and one of the most popular traditions they have are Turkish drinks. Since the Ottoman Empire, Turkish people have loved to drink. They invented coffee and tea, which are now popular around the world.

One of their favorite drinks is Raki, an anise-flavored liquor that’s often served with meze (little dishes) before a meal.

There is also one of the most popular drinks in Turkey called ayran. This drink has been around for centuries but it only recently became popular outside of Turkey as well. There are many other types of Turkish drinks that you may not have heard about before.

This blog post will go over 15 different types of popular Turkish drinks – some you may be familiar with and others you might not know about!


Popular Turkish Drinks

This popular Turkish drink is a yogurt-based beverage that’s mixed with cold water and salt. It’s often served cold with kebabs or other main dishes.  This refreshing mixture is somewhere between a thin liquid and a thick liquid, and it can be served before or after a meal. 

If you’re not familiar with yogurt drinks, then this might be an interesting one to try!


This is a traditional Turkish drink that’s made from fermented wheat, water, and sugar. It has a sour taste to it (almost like yogurt), which might make you wonder why people like drinking it in the first place.

No one knows for sure but this drink dates back to when the Turks ruled over Central Asia in the 6th century; since then it’s been popular in many different parts of Asia even though it originated in Turkey.

Turkish Tea (Çay)

Popular Turkish Drinks

You’ve probably heard about Turkish tea before – if not through history then certainly from the famous “I Love Lucy” show where she was really into trying new things with her friends! – or perhaps you remember that episode where she broke all those dishes?

Either way, Turkish tea is a common drink in many parts of the world. It’s especially popular in Central Asia but you can find people drinking it all over the world from India to Greece and beyond!  In most cases, this drink is black tea that’s been boiled then steeped with various spices.

In Turkey it’s best known for having lots of sugar added into the mix as well; sometimes there are even vanilla beans included!  It has a very different taste than you might be used to so be sure to try it out if you like flavored teas!


Raki is an anise-flavored liquor that has a very strong taste. This Turkish drink is similar to Greek Ouzo but it’s distilled rather than simply fermented or mixed with water like some other types of drinks.

Since this drink is so strong, it’s often served before a meal – along with meze (small dishes). It’s also popular in Greece and throughout the Middle East as well!  People love Raki because of its unique flavor – if you’ve never had anything like this before then be sure to give it a try!

Dondurma (Turkish ice cream)

Popular Turkish Drinks

The Turks love ice cream and they’ve created their unique type that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Dondurma is made from buffalo milk and flavored with mastic resin – a substance that comes from a type of tree.  It has a very distinct taste and texture, which makes it popular to eat along with various desserts or even on its own!

Efes Beer

The Turks also love their beer and to drink it in bars and restaurants in addition to at home. During the Ottoman Empire, there were lots of breweries in Istanbul and other parts of Turkey.

Today there are still many Turkish beers that you can try out if you’re visiting this country! One well-known brand is Efes Beer which has been brewed since 1894 by Arçelik.

Tursu Suyu

Popular Turkish Drinks

This drink is a traditional Turkish beverage that’s made from pickled vegetables, which is why it has a very strong flavor profile.

It tastes somewhat salty with a tangy kick at the end – while its color is bright pink (which makes it quite popular to look at as well).


Kefir is similar to keşkek (a type of grain food) but it’s made with milk rather than grains. Kefir is a type of fermented milk that’s been mixed with grains. It has the consistency of smoothie and it usually tastes very good! In Turkey it can be found in many different flavors from vanilla to fruit.

It has a sour taste and is often drunk during breakfast since it keeps people full for hours! If you like yogurt, then you’ll probably enjoy kefir as well!


Popular Turkish Drinks

Şıra is a sour drink that’s made from fermenting apples or grapes into a type of wine.  It has a very distinct taste since it’s been fermented for years!  In Turkey it’s often enjoyed before a meal to get your stomach ready to digest all the food that’ll be coming its way!


Şalgam is a juice that’s made from pickling turnips. It has a very sour taste and it’s popularly believed to have lots of health benefits!

It can be found in various other parts of the world but often times the recipes are slightly different. Some people will drink şalgam while others might drink it with other ingredients added or you might even see some people adding lemonade to this Turkish Drink to make it less sour!


Popular Turkish Drinks

Salep is a hot drink that’s made from dried orchid roots. This Turkish Drink originated in the Middle East and originally contained only sugar and water; now it can be found in various parts of Europe as well!

It tastes very different than many other types of tea you might find – especially because of its unique texture. You’ll often see this drink served with lots of milk and spices added to enhance its flavor even more!

Turkish Wine (Şarap)

Of course, Turkish people also like to drink wine – in fact, they make their very own type of wine that you won’t find elsewhere.  

It has a sweeter taste than some other types of wines and it’s often served cold with various fruits added into the drink for extra flavor.

Lohusa Şerbeti (Lotus flower syrup)

Popular Turkish Drinks

Lohusa Şerbeti is a sweet drink that’s made from the lotus flower.  People in various parts of Turkey (and even other countries such as Egypt and Iran) will add water to this drink and serve it cold during the summertime!

This Turkish Drink has a very unique flavor to it and it’s often enjoyed by people who like drinks with less sugar in them.


Limonata is a type of lemonade that originated in Istanbul and is quite popular throughout the world today!

It was created when British workers were brought over to help with many projects in Istanbul – when they tried the local lemonade, they loved it so much that they started making it back in their home countries as well!

Turkish Coffee (Mokka)

Popular Turkish Drinks

Last but definitely not least, Turkish people also love their coffee – which you probably already knew since you’re reading an article about Turkish Drinks!  Turkish Coffee is a type of coffee made from finely grounded beans that have been cooked in a cezve (a special pot).

It tastes very different depending on which part of Turkey you’re in and whether or not you add sugar into your cup.  It’s often served with şekerpare (unrefined) sugar cubes as well.

An important thing to know about Turkish Coffee is that it’s extremely strong so be careful when drinking it! You can drink it either cold or hot – whichever one you choose, just enjoy the unique taste.

BONUS: Sütlaç (Milk pudding)

Popular Turkish Drinks

Here’s something extra for those of you who would love a dessert after our list of Turkish Drinks.

Sütlaç is a traditional dish that consists of many different ingredients, including milk, rice and sugar!  It’s a very sweet dish that tastes similar to tapioca pudding – many people around the world enjoy it because of its unique texture.

Final Words

Now you know about some of the most popular Turkish Drinks!  These drinks originated in Turkey and were often enjoyed throughout history for their delicious and refreshing taste.  Whether you’re looking for a drink to enjoy during the summertime or one to help cure your cold, we hope this list has helped you find something that’ll suit your tastes!

So there you have it – these are some examples of Turkish drinks! Not only do they taste great but they’ll also help out with any health problems you might have!

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