Top 17 Popular Jamaican Drinks You Need To Try!

Jamaica has a long and rich history of unique drinks that have been created and perfected over the years. Jamaica is known for its amazing food and drinks. The island produces a variety of beverages including coffee, cocoa, ginger beer, sorrel, oat milk and many more.

These are all Popular Jamaican drinks that you should try if you visit the Caribbean Island. Jamaica has a rich beverage history dating back to 18th century when coconut water was first introduced.

Jamaican drinks are often enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. There are so many options to choose from when deciding what drink you want to try, but here are some of the most popular Jamaican drinks. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, there’s surely a drink on this list that will satisfy your taste buds! 

Jamaica has something special in store for everyone who loves food and drinks! Here are 15 popular Jamaican drinks!

Coconut Water

Popular Jamaican Drinks

Coconut water is obviously the most popular Jamaican drink. It’s no wonder why coconut water is such a hit as it has long been consumed in tropical countries, whether it is drunk directly from the fruit or in cans and bottles. Often coconut water is sold by street vendors who split the coconuts with a machete before serving.

Coconut water is a popular Jamaican drink that is really easy to find. Coconut water contains plenty of electrolytes, potassium, magnesium and calcium. It’s also fairly high in sugar so it makes for an energy-boosting beverage.

Sorrel Tea

Sorrel can be described as a fruit tea which makes for a flavorful yet aromatic Jamaican drink. The tea is made from boiling dried calyces of Hibiscus sabdariffa or Roselle plant with cinnamon, cloves or ginger root then sweetened with honey or sugar.

Sorrel is typically consumed at breakfast time when paired alongside Jamaican oat meal porridge. Sorrel tea in Jamaica is very popular, usually served with rum and flavored with iced tea, and is very popular at Christmas.

Ginger Beer

Popular Jamaican Drinks

Jamaica is most famous for its unique ginger beer which is often called Jamaican ginger ale in the US. This sweet and spicy beverage has been enjoyed in Jamaica since 1893 when it became really popular among locals for quenching their thirst after working hard in the sugar cane fields.

The drink gradually gained popularity with tourists and today, this iconic Jamaican drink can be purchased in many parts of the world too! It’s typically made by fermenting fresh ginger root, lemon juice and sugar.

Jamaican Coffee

Coffee was first introduced to Jamaica during 17th century when a Dutch physician planted coffee seeds on fertile land areas near Port Royal and Spanish Town. These two areas grew to be the largest coffee producers in Jamaica.

The island soon became very famous for its special brew of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, which can be considered one of world’s finest coffees. It’s grown at high altitudes where there is plenty of rainfall and cloud cover, creating an environment that helps it maintain its unique flavor.


Popular Jamaican Drinks

Cocoa has been enjoyed by Jamaicans since 17th century when cocoa beans were first imported from South America then later on after Christopher Columbus brought cocoa seeds to Jamaica in 1503.

This soothing drink is made by boiling dried cocoa beans with sugar to form a rich brown liquid known as chocolate syrup or hot chocolate mix. Milk may be added to create a beverage or dark rum for extra flavor.

Jamaican Bush Tea

Jamaican bush tea is a popular beverage made from fragrant leaves of the lippia citriodora plant that grow on ornamental bushes in some parts of Jamaica. The fragrant, lemon-like leaves are used to make a fragrant and refreshing drink.

Once dried and finely cut, the herb is boiled with water to yield a fragrant and earthy taste; it’s sometimes blended with other herbs like mint and lemongrass for added flavor and served over ice or hot as an herbal infusion.

Jamaican Eggnog

Popular Jamaican Drinks

Jamaican egg nog is a popular Jamaican drink made with eggs, milk, nutmeg and sugar. It’s usually enjoyed around Christmas time when it often gets paired with sweet bread or Jamaican Christmas cake.

Egg nog is high in calories so it makes for the perfect rich beverage to enjoy during festive seasons.


Horlicks is a favorite Jamaican drink that can be enjoyed at any time of day. This sweet and malted beverage was first invented in England during 19th century as a bedtime drink for children who had trouble sleeping.

Today, Horlicks is sold throughout the Caribbean with many Jamaicans blending it with hot milk or water to prepare this tasty beverage.

Bob Marley Cocktail

Popular Jamaican Drinks

Bob Marley Cocktail is a special drink made by Secrets Montego Bay in Jamaica. The recipe includes light rum, blue curacao, orange curacao, sour and sweet mix, strawberry daiquiri mix, fresh mango and lime juice.

The Bob Marley cocktail has a Rasta-style color appearance of red yellow and green due to the ingredients used. It tastes like an exotic fruit juice with hints of citrus spice flavor. This drink can be served chilled or at room temperature; you can also spice up this Jamaican drink by adding some vodka!

Planter’s Punch

Planter’s Punch is a special drink made by mixing juices of tropical fruits and dark rum. The number of ingredients varies but typically includes fruit juices, grenadine syrup, several types of rum and some spices like nutmeg.

This Jamaican drink can be served with ice or without ice as a punch depending on the occasion.


Popular Jamaican Drinks

Ting is a popular Jamaican soda that can be enjoyed at any time of day from breakfast to dinner! It’s made from Jamaican grapefruit juice that has been carbonated to give it its fizzy taste– some people even say it tastes just like orange Fanta!

In Jamaica, Ting comes in bottles as well as cans; either way it’s easy to enjoy this refreshing drink wherever you go.

Dragon Stout

Dragon Stout is a Jamaican beer made by the Jamaican company, Dragon Breweries. It has a chocolate coffee flavor and rich malty taste so it goes great with desserts especially Jamaican Christmas cake!

On the other hand, if you’re craving for something spicy then this Jamaican drink can go well with some traditional Jamaican curried goat or oxtail dish .

Red Stripe Beer

Popular Jamaican Drinks

Red Strip Beer is a favorite Jamaican drink from Jamaica that’s been around since 1928 when it was introduced to the world as the first premium beer from Jamaica.

Today its recipe remains unchanged and still brewed in Kingston at Desnoes & Geddes Limited (D&G). Popularly known “the king of beers” in Jamaica, the distinctively Jamaican flavor is due to its distinctive strain of yeast that’s used.

Hibiscus Tea

Popular Jamaican Drinks

Hibiscus flowers are incredibly beautiful and they hold a special place in Jamaican culture as well as Jamaican cuisine.

Hibiscus tea can be brewed by boiling dried hibiscus flowers with hot water, sugar and honey to sweeten this beverage which has been enjoyed for centuries throughout the Caribbean islands. Hibiscus tea is loaded with antioxidants and minerals that help boost overall health and wellness!

Irish Moss

Popular Jamaican Drinks

Irish moss is a Jamaican drink that’s made by soaking the Irish Moss seaweed in water overnight to soften it, then blending it until smooth with some cold water.

Irish moss is rich in vitamins and minerals which makes it incredibly beneficial for overall health! This healthy  Jamaican drink can also be used as a thickener for soups and stews.

Roots Wine

Roots wine is an incredibly delicious and sweet Jamaican drink made by soaking roots in water for several days then removing the solids before blending with enough water to make a thick liquid.

It’s then fermented for three days before it’s ready to be enjoyed! Roots wine can also be used as a mixer when preparing beer or rum punches.

Peanut Punch

Popular Jamaican Drinks

Peanut Punch is one of the most popular drinks in the Caribbean, including Jamaica. The main ingredients used, of course, are peanuts or peanut butter, plus milk and sugar. The drink is considered to be high in fat, protein, and energy.

It’s considered to be high in calories so it makes for the perfect rich beverage to enjoy during festive seasons! Peanut punch can also be blended with rum or stout beer for an extra fun twist on this already amazing drink! In addition Peanut Punch can be used as an aphrodisiac for Jamaican men who use it as a stamina drink!

Final Words

Jamaican culture is an incredibly rich tapestry of history, beauty and tasty cuisine. In this article, I’ve covered fifteen of the most popular Jamaican drinks that have been enjoyed for centuries by all across the Caribbean islands! Jamaicans love incorporating their favorite fruits, spices and flavors into creating delicious beverages so you’re sure to find a new Jamaican drink that’s perfect for your tastes! Enjoy!

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about 17 popular Jamaican drinks. As always, if you have a question or a suggestion to make the article better then please leave a comment in the comment section below! 

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