15 Popular Indian Drinks: Every Foreigner Should Know About!

India is a country that has an extensive history of its own drinks and cuisine. While there are many types of foods and drinks, the most popular Indian drinks include tea, coffee, fruit juice and milk-based lassi.

Indian food is famous for its delicious flavors, spices and colors. Indian cuisine has been widely influenced by the foreign traders who have come to trade with India over the years as well as from neighboring countries such as China and Nepal. Indian drinks are very popular. There are several popular Indian drinks that people love all over the world.

Many people drink them on a regular basis while others may only have one once in a while. The list of Indian drinks is long and varied, so there’s something for everyone!

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to trying all the different types of drinks out there, but I’ve taken the time to compile this extensive list that includes 15 popular Indian drinks for you! Here’s my list of top 15 Indian Drinks: 


Popular Indian Drinks

Lassi is a drink that has been around for centuries. It’s traditionally made with yogurt, water and salt. Salted lassi is often referred to as chaas in India. The two most popular types of Indian Lassi are Sweet Lassi and Tamarind Lassi.

When ordering a lassi at an Indian restaurant there are many options available – some drinks come premixed with a sweetener and others are made with a flavored syrup. Since most people drink lassi from the same glass without adding anything extra, the flavor is usually pretty subtle which can be refreshing especially during hot days or if you’ve eaten something spicy!

Chai / Indian Tea

Chai is another famous drink that’s been enjoyed since ancient times.  The word ‘chai’ actually translates to “tea” in Hindi, but it’s very different from what we normally think of when we refer to tea here in North America! In fact, there are many ways that chai isn’t like our traditional teas at all.

Chai is typically made with strong black tea that’s mixed with milk, water and then flavored with spices that give it a unique taste. Chai mixes are available in most grocery stores, but the best chai is usually sold hot on the street by local vendors. Most people drink their own mugs of chai at home or on the go, but some shops do offer disposable cups for customers who want to drink there too!

There are many types of traditional Indian tea drinks all over India depending on which region you’re visiting…but they all tend to taste similar even though they come from different sources!


Popular Indian Drinks

Kahwah is a special type of green tea that’s grown in the Indian state of Kashmir and it’s often mixed with saffron. Saffron is a very expensive spice that is hand-picked by workers who use small sieves to pick out the threads from the flower as they cannot be picked up by hands alone!

Kahwah tea was initially made as a medicinal drink which helped provide energy to those who were working long days during harvest season. Traditionally, Kahwah is served hot, but there are also many places around India that serve cold kahwah especially during the summer months.

Aam Panna

Aam Panna is a popular summer drink that’s made from raw mangoes and water. The two main ingredients are combined with ice and sugar to make a tangy drink.

In India, there are many street vendors selling AAm Panna during the hot summer months as well as in markets where you can buy it by the jug too. The best part about buying them from street vendors or markets is that they often come premixed with a sweetener so that you don’t have to add your own! If you’re making this at home then adding a sweetener of your choice will definitely help enhance the taste!


Popular Indian Drinks

Thandai is an Indian drink that’s traditionally made during the Hindu festival of Holi. During this celebration, people enjoy many types of drinks including thandai.

Thandai is very popular in North India and it’s usually made with Saffron, Pistachio flavorings and black pepper which give it an unique taste. It can be enjoyed hot or cold depending on preference, but it’s typically served after dinner because many people find that the spices in this drink help them digest their food better!


Jigarthanda is a traditional Tamil drink that I’m sure you’ve heard about if you’re in Chennai! It gets its name from the way it’s served…in a tall glass filled with ice and a metal spoon.

Jigarthanda is made from milk, sugar and vanilla flavorings and it’s served in tall parfait glasses or glasses resembling an oil container! The way this drink is served makes it extra special because the metal spoons add another element of taste to the drink as it helps melt the ice more quickly while drinking. This gives you more of that delicious flavor.


Popular Indian Drinks

Panakam isn’t like most other types of Indian drinks because it’s not made with tea or milk! This traditional drink is very popular during Ramzan and it originates from Andra Pradesh where they refer to this drink as ‘Gingelly’.

During Ramadan many Muslims fast every day until sunset and the first thing they eat is a sweet drink called Iftar. Since Panakam is considered to be very light on the stomach, many people consider this drink to be perfect for iftar! This refreshing drink is also made with jaggery or sugar cane juice depending on the region it’s served in which helps balance off the slightly tart taste of ginger that’s used.


Shikanji will instantly remind you of summer because of its unique lemonade like flavor! This traditional Indian drink gets its name because of the black salt (Kala Namak) it uses…which has an egg-like taste!

The popularity of this thirst quenching summer drink has spread across most parts of India and it’s even served in restaurants in many different types of cuisines too. It’s also referred to as kokam sarbat and has a very sour taste so if you enjoy this flavor, then Shikanji is definitely the drink for you!

Thums Up

Popular Indian Drinks

Thums Up is a famous Indian soda that has been in the market for over 30 years and is definitely an iconic drink!

The most popular flavor of Thums Up is ‘Cola’ which uses sugar as its sweetening agent, but if you want to add some taste to your regular water at home then try adding some Thums Up. The lemon flavoring tastes so good it almost seems like the drink is overflowing with flavor!


Limca is another refreshing Indian soft drink that’s made with citric acid and colored with caramel. If you’ve ever had 7up or Sprite then you’ll find Limca very similar in taste because of how sour it can be.

The most popular flavor is Lemon, but you can also find orange, strawberry and pineapple Limca in most regions of India. However, the most popular flavor is still lemon because it has that wonderful sour taste that makes your mouth pucker!


Popular Indian Drinks

Sharbat is a traditional Indian drink that’s made by mixing fruits and spices to create the perfect balance of sweet and sour. This refreshing summer drink is loved throughout India for its tangy taste that stimulates your taste buds with every sip.

You’ll find many different types of Sharbat in India, each one is made with a different fruit flavor or dye.

One of the most popular fruits used to make Indian drinks is the mango because this fruit has certain properties that make it perfect for making sharbat. It uses sugar as its sweetening agent and some people even add some salt too which enhances the taste. This drink is also very popular during Ramadan when Muslims note down their daily fast during the holy month.

Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee is a traditional drink in southern parts of India and can be pretty strong depending on how much coffee powder you use.

It’s made with finely grounded coffee which is boiled with milk, sugar and water before being poured into cups. Indians love this drink so much that they’re served it everywhere! You’ll find it served at roadside cafes just as easily as you’ll see people making this drink at home.


Popular Indian Drinks

Jal-jeera is another famous traditional Indian drink that’s made by mixing cumin seeds, black salt and lemon. If you love the taste of spicy drinks then Jal-jeera is definitely one drink you’ll come to cherish because it has a very refreshing sour taste!

This popular Indian drink also gives relief from any digestive problems which can be really beneficial for people who are fasting during Ramadan. It’s served cold so it instantly cools off your body when it gets hot outside…which happens almost everyday in India so this drink is rather common place.


Popular Indian Drinks

Falooda is a popular Indian drink that’s made from blending various ingredients to create a unique taste.

The most common flavors used are rose syrup, basil seeds, vermicelli and milk which gives it a rich consistency as well as some vitamin C from the basil seeds! In fact, this drink is so famous that you can even find ice creams and other desserts with similar flavors too.

Noon chai

Popular Indian Drinks

Noon Chai is a popular tea drink in India and has recently become very well known worldwide. The main difference between this tea and other tea drinks is that it uses milk instead of water to mix with the flavors.

This type of milk used for Noon chai is typically boiled over low heat which gives it an extra creamy texture that mixes perfectly.

Noon in Indian actually means ‘salt’, and does not mean ‘afternoon’ as in English. Meanwhile, the striking pink color is due to the addition of baking soda.

For Kashmiris, Noon Chai is mostly made with a salty taste with added salt. However, for non-Kashmirians who are less familiar with salty tea, Non Chai is usually made with a sweet taste, with added sugar and nuts.

Final Words

India is a land of many cultures and all of these different states have their own unique drinks that they enjoy. Whether you’re in the North sipping on some Lassi or in the South drinking some Filter Coffee, there’s always something for everyone when it comes to Indian drinks!

With so many Indian drinks available one can never get bored of having their favorite drink time after time…after all there are so many flavors out there waiting to be discovered!

Thank you for reading about my 15 most popular Indian drinks I hope you enjoyed it!

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