21 Popular Hot Drinks Around The World

What is your favorite hot drink? Perhaps it’s a hot chocolate in the winter, iced tea on a summer day, or coffee in the morning. We all have our preferences when it comes to drinks and each country has their own specialties!

The hot drinks around the world section has a wide variety of different types of drinks. For example, in Italy they drink cappuccinos and espresso coffee. In Japan there is green tea which is known as matcha. And for those living in India who live near the Himalayas will drink flavored milk called chai or masala mix with milk and spices such as cardamom, ginger, clove, cinnamon or peppermint to name a few ingredients.

In this blog post we’ll explore some of the most popular hot drinks around the world. Read on for an interesting look at what people are drinking where! 

Hot Chocolate (Mexico, Spain)

Popular Hot Drinks

You can find hot chocolate all around the world! Typically people will drink it in colder climates, but not always. The most popular place to have hot chocolate is France where they refer to it as chocolat chaud. In some parts of Europe you can also order a melted chocolate bar with milk often called simply “chocolate milk”.

This delicious and warming drink is very popular in Mexico and Spain. Other countries which enjoy this treat would be Colombia, Cuba, Chile and Switzerland.

Capuccino (Italy)

This hot beverage is one of the most popular hot drinks in Italy. It’s a coffee drink which typically has about one third espresso, one third hot milk and foam on top. People often drink it before breakfast or during their morning break at work.

Matcha (Japan)

Popular Hot Drinks

Matcha is another hot drink that people all around the world enjoy! This hot tea originates from Japan where they have tea ceremonies to celebrate different events such as birthdays, weddings, etc.

You can find Matcha in many hot tea lattes, smoothies, hot chocolate and more! It’s mixed with hot water or milk.

Chai/Masala Tea (India, Nepal)

Chai is a hot drink which originates from India and also popular in Nepal! You can find many different recipes for how to make this hot drink depending on the region you’re in.

One of the most common ingredients used to make chai are cloves, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon and even saffron!

Turkish Coffee (Turkey)

Popular Hot Drinks

Turkish coffee is also known as Greek coffee in some circles. People prepare it by boiling finely ground dark roast coffee beans for several minutes in a pot called cezve which comes from Turkey.

The hot drink will have a layer of foam from the grounds on top which you cannot stir so you’ll have to wait before drinking! This drink is often poured into little cups with handles called fincan because it’s meant to be sipped slowly out of them while still hot.

You can also order Turkish coffee at coffee houses like Starbucks and Caribou Coffee which are popular hot drink spots in the United States.

Tea (China, Japan, India, Vietnam)

Tea goes back all the way to China where it started many centuries ago gaining popularity throughout Asia before people near Britain started drinking it too! Both green tea and black tea come from the plant Camellia sinensis.

These hot drinks be served hot but more often people enjoy drinking green tea ice cubes in cold water to beat the hot summer temperatures.

Spiced Milk (Nepal)

Popular Hot Drinks

This hot beverage is popular in Nepal and the surrounding areas. People will often drink it around breakfast time with fruit called sel roti which literally means “hot bread”.

The hot milk’s ingredients include cardamom, cinnamon, ginger root and cloves. There are several variations of this drink including flavorings like vanilla or honey.

Hot Toddy (United States, Canada)

A hot toddy is a popular hot drink sold in the United States and Canada that starts with alcohol such as whisky, brandy or rum.

After that you will add lemon juice, hot water and honey. This beverage has been served to people who were not feeling well like when they had a cold or flu for centuries!

Atole (Mexico)

Popular Hot Drinks

In Mexico they drink hot corn based drinks called atoles which are typically made from masa harina and water. Other hot drinks around the world include hot milk, spices and a sweetener such as piloncillo or brown sugar to add flavor.

Yerba Maté (Brazil, Argentina)

Yerba maté is hot drink made out of leaves from the holly tree which are called ilex paraguariensis. It originates in Paraguay and also popular in South America. People usually drink this hot tea hot but it can also be ordered cold.

Sbiten (Russia)

Popular Hot Drinks

Sbiten hot drink is popular in Russia and is hot black currant juice which you can add hot water to. It can also be served hot with honey instead of sugar. Cinnamon, ginger, cloves and several other ingredients are used in this hot beverage to help flavor it.

Sujeonggwa (South Korea)

Sujeonggwa hot drink is hot Korean punch made with persimmons, cinnamon and ginger. This hot drink is often enjoyed at special occasions like weddings! It’s typically served hot in small cups.

Anijsmelk (Netherlands)

Popular Hot Drinks

Dutch hot drink anijsmelk is hot milk and anise liqueur which people drink hot or cold.

They will often enjoy it hot in the winter though during summer time they might like to drink it hot with ice cubes instead! However, this hot beverage can also be enjoyed cold.

Glögg (Scandinavia)

Glogg hot drink is popular in Scandinavia and Northern Europe where people prepare it by boiling spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and cloves along with raisins ,sloe stones, almonds into red wine! With all of these ingredients in one glass of glogg you have a healthy dose of iron!

Mulled Wine (Europe)

Popular Hot Drinks

Mulled wine hot drink is popular in Europe during Christmas season. The hot beverage starts with red wine which is then boiled with sugar, oranges, lemons and other ingredients that vary from region to region! This hot drink can also include alcohol such as brandy or fennel.

Rooibos Tea (South Africa)

Rooibos hot drink is hot tea made out of red bush leaves that are harvested in South Africa. This hot beverage has been enjoyed hot by people for many years since it’s antioxidant properties! It’s also considered to have several health benefits which you can learn more about

Salep (Turkey, Arab Countries)

Popular Hot Drinks

Salep hot drink is hot milk and flour made from ground orchid tubers which have been a hot beverage in Turkey and several surrounding countries for centuries. In the Middle East you can find hot salep served with desserts such as ice cream or semolina halva . Salep powder can also be used to add flavor to hot cornbread!

Kahwah (Middle East)

Kahwah hot drink is popular hot beverage in the Middle East and surrounding regions including Pakistan and Turkey!

This hot drink includes hot water, cardamom seeds and sugar or honey to make this hot beverage taste better.

Hot Buttered Rum (United States)

Popular Hot Drinks

Hot buttered rum hot drink is hot spiced rum along with hot buttered water, brown sugar and spices. Many people enjoy this hot beverage at Christmas time especially in the United States!

It’s also popular to use hot hot melted butter instead of hot water or hot milk which adds richness to the flavor.

Hojicha (Japan)

Popular Hot Drinks

Hojicha hot drink is prepared by roasting green tea leaves over charcoal until they are a dark brown color. This process reduces the caffeine content while adding a nutty flavor which many people enjoy!

You can either buy powdered hojicha or freshly roasted leaves. When you get it home you can make it like regular green tea and add hot water to this hot drink.

Jahe Panas/Hot Ginger (Indonesia)

Popular Hot Drinks

Jahe hot drink is hot ginger tea which includes hot water, hot milk and hot ginger root. Indonesians typically drink this hot beverage during breakfast but it’s enjoyed hot year-round!

Some people will add sugar to the hot ginger juice while others might enjoy adding a little bit of spicy red pepper. You can also find many flavored jahe panas drinks that include ingredients such as coconut, pandan leaves or lemongrass.

Final Words

There are many hot drinks enjoyed around the world. Some hot beverages you might enjoy hot in the winter while others can be hot during summertime when it’s hot outside! What kind of hot beverage would you like to try? Would you like hot coffee with cream, hot tea or maybe hot chocolate? Whatever your taste is there is a hot drink for everyone around the world!

That’s it for now! Hope you guys enjoy these popular hot drinks around the world! If you have any question or suggestion please let me know in the comments below!

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