Top 15 Popular Chinese Drinks You Have To Try!

China has a rich and diverse history. The people of China have eaten, drunk, and lived in a variety of ways over the years. China is the birthplace of tea, which makes it no surprise that they have a variety of drinks. Some of them are carbonated beverages, while some are just hot water with added flavors.

China is known for its vast array of delicious food options, but did you know that there are also many delicious drinks to choose from? They range from traditional tea to modern coffee options. Some of these beverages are more common than others, but many people enjoy them when they visit China or other Asian countries where they originate.

These popular Chinese drinks can be enjoyed hot or cold and come with a variety of flavors like green tea, white sugarcane juice, and chrysanthemum flower tea. Read on for a full list of this article to find good 15 popular Chinese drinks worth trying out!

Black Tea

Popular Chinese Drinks

Black tea is probably the most common drink in China. It is popular all over the world and can be found at almost any business, even if it’s just a small restaurant. Black tea has strong flavor that many find appealing.

The black color comes from being fully oxidized during processing. Black tea is known to have higher amounts of caffeine than other teas, but usually contains less caffeine than coffee or soda.

Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum flower tea is often served cold with added sugarcane juice to sweeten it up a bit more.

The chrysanthemum flowers are dried before they are brewed into a hot beverage that can be served both hot or cold depending on your preference. Chrysanthemum flower tea can be found in a variety of businesses and restaurants around China.

Green Tea

Popular Chinese Drinks

Like black tea, green tea is also very common in China. You can find it both hot and cold at many different restaurants and cafes around the country. It has a mild flavor that tastes great with other options like chrysanthemum flower tea or milk.

In order to make green tea, you have to leave the leaves to oxidize only slightly before they are dried again after processing. Then they are steeped in hot water until they reach your desired taste and temperature.

Milk Tea

Milk tea is something that can be consumed either cold or hot depending on your preference and location in China. There are several different types of milk teas you can get in China.

The traditional style uses black tea leaves to create the hot beverage, which is then mixed with condensed or fresh milk and sugar before serving. You can also find other variations like green tea based drinks that include a variety of other flavors besides just black tea.

White Tea

Popular Chinese Drinks

White tea is another popular drink in China. It has a similar taste to green tea, but it contains more caffeine than its lighter counterpart.

Compared to black tea, which can be very strong on its own, white tea also has a more mild flavor that some people enjoy more than the traditional Chinese black tea. Some of the most popular places in Beijing for drinking white tea are local cafes and bakeries around town.

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is popular in China because it is much lighter than other types of teas like black or green.

It also has a very pleasant smell when you brew it, which many people enjoy. The taste of jasmine tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold depending on the weather and your personal preference.

Oolong Tea

Popular Chinese Drinks

Oolong tea is another type of tea that comes with varying levels of fermentation. The dried leaves are steamed once more before they are oxidized, then compressed to give them their final shape before packaging and distribution around China and beyond.

Since oolong tea needs to be brewed for longer than traditional green teas, the flavor tends to be stronger than other variations like jasmine tea.


Baijiu is a type of white spirit that has been distilled from glutinous rice, sorghum or other starches.

This strong tasting drink is very popular in China and around Asia because it contains 40% alcohol by volume. Baijiu tends to be served hot in small shot glasses after dinner or when people are hanging out together socially.

Tsingtao Beer

Popular Chinese Drinks

Tsingtao is a type of pale lager that was first brewed in the early 1900s. Tsingtao beer is a very popular type of Chinese beer that contains 4.7% alcohol by volume. It has been one of the most successful beer brands sold in China for many years.

This light lager is not too strong and pairs well with a variety of snacks or meals, including many different types of seafood that can be found all throughout China. You can find Tsingtao beers on tap and in bottles at restaurants and bars all over the country.

Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea is another type of fermented tea produced in China. This type of tea is known for its earthy flavor and smell because it has undergone a process that involves aging the leaves in fermentation vessels before they are dried again after processing.

You can find pu-erh tea served steaming hot or iced cold at many different cafes around the country. It’s especially popular during the summer time when people want something to drink that isn’t too strong, but still contains caffeine like other types of teas.

Cassia wine

Popular Chinese Drinks

Cassia wine is very popular in China because it contains about 20% alcohol by volume. It has a strong flavor that many people enjoy, although it’s not for everyone.

Depending on the region you purchase cassia wine from in China, it may contain slightly different tastes and flavors before it is bottled and sold to consumers around the country.


In the old days, people in China often drank a beverage made from sour plums. The drink is called Suanmeitang and it’s been around for centuries! It tastes sweet with just enough salty edge to keep things interesting – not something you’d want every day though because these kinds of flavors usually wear thin after awhile.

Suanmeitang is a popular summer drink in the Peoples Republic of China, usually served cold. It contains lots incredible health benefits that are used to keep people hydrated during hot weather or help with stomach.

Yellow Wine

Popular Chinese Drinks

Yellow wine is another type of fermented Chinese drink that tastes similar to rice wine. This specialty beverage has been produced in some regions for more than one thousand years!

It’s made from yeast, rice and water, but some producers will add some types of flowers or even bananas into the mix during the fermentation process to give it a distinctive flavor. 

Shaoxing Wine

Shao Xing wine is a type of rice wine that comes from the Shaoxing region in eastern China. It’s been produced for thousands of years and contains about 15% alcohol by volume.

This special rice wine has a unique flavor because it goes through an aging process that occurs after fermentation, giving it a relatively sweet taste compared to other types of rice wines or yellow wines.

Chinese red date tea

Popular Chinese Drinks

Chinese red date tea is one of the most popular drinks among people living in China. Known as hongzao cha, this drink gets its color from being steeped in fresh dates during the brewing process.

The tea itself tastes rather mild with a little bit of sweetness on the end when you swallow it down – great for when you’re feeling a little hungry in China and want something to drink!

Final Words

As you can see, there are all sorts of interesting drinks that come from China. Many types of tea and other forms of alcohol such as beer and wine can be found throughout the country.

There is an incredible amount of diversity among these traditional beverages that have been enjoyed by Chinese people for centuries. The Chinese like to sit down and drink during their social events, whether it’s with friends or family.

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