15+ Popular Argentina Foods That Can’t Be Missed

Argentina is a country in South America with many different varieties of food, both meat and vegetarian.

When you think of Argentina, the first thing that comes to mind is likely its world-famous steak. However, there’s much more to Argentinian cuisine than just beef.

Argentina has a cuisine that is simple and hearty, with an emphasis on meat. Argentines love their food so much they have even made it into their popular saying: “I’m going to eat myself.”

What are the popular Argentina Foods? Some popular foods are Empanadas, Locro, Cazuela, Chimichurri sauce and more! Argentinians love their food!

Here are 15+ popular Argentina foods that you have to try when you visit.


Popular Argentina Foods

Empanadas are a type of pastry that is made from flour, water and salt. It is then filled with a variety of meats, vegetables or fruits. Empanadas can be baked or fried. They are often eaten as an appetizer or snack.

Empanadas were originally from Spain and the empanada was used to store food on long journeys around South America.


Locro is a traditional Argentine stew often found at llama farms. It is made of white or yellow corn, potatoes, chili peppers, onions and meat such as beef or lamb.

Locro is a hearty thick soup that includes squash, potatoes, corn and beans in a spicy broth usually served with avocado and white cheese. It is a hearty soup that is perfect for a cold winter day.


Popular Argentina Foods

Cazuela is a clay pot that is used to cook stews and soups. The cazuela pot is oven proof and can also be used on the stovetop. Cazuela is a Spanish word which means “little pot.”

Cazuela is a dish made of beef broth along with vegetables like onions and carrots simmered for over an hour. It can be served with chicken or breaded steak cut.

Chimichurri Sauce

Popular Argentina Foods

Chimichurri sauce is a popular Argentinean sauce that is made from parsley, garlic, olive oil, red wine vinegar and chili peppers. It is used as a marinade for meat or as a condiment for pasta, rice or salad.


Asado is the term used for the traditional Argentine barbecue. The asado typically includes beef, pork, chicken or lamb cooked over an open fire. The meat is seasoned with salt and black pepper before cooking.

Asado is not only a popular dish in Argentina, but it has also become popular throughout the world.


Popular Argentina Foods

Choripan is a popular Argentinian food that consists of grilled chorizo with bread, tomatoes and lettuce. Chori is the word in Spanish for sausage which is why this sandwich is called choripan.

The chorizo in this sandwich has a crispy outside crust while the inside remains juicy. The juice from the sausages drips onto the fresh vegetables creating an explosion of flavor in your mouth when you eat it!


Milanesa is a popular dish from Argentina and other Latin American countries. Milanesa consists of a thin cut of beef, chicken or pork that is dipped in bread crumbs and then fried until golden brown.

It is then served with French fries, lettuce and tomatoes. Milaneses are also often eaten between two pieces of bread with ham or cheese added on top.


Popular Argentina Foods

Provoleta is a traditional Argentine cheese that is made from cow milk. It is similar to provolone cheese and has a slightly salty taste.

Provoleta is usually served as an appetizer with bread, tomatoes and olives.

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de leche is a popular dessert in Argentina. It is a type of caramel that is made from milk, sugar and butter. Dulce de leche can be eaten by itself or it can be used as an ingredient in other desserts like ice cream and cake.


Popular Argentina Foods

Alfajores are a type of cookie that is popular in South America, including Argentina.

They are made of two cookies that are filled with dulce de leche, jam or chocolate. Alfajores are often decorated with powdered sugar or frosting.


Pastafrola is a type of pie that is popular in Argentina. It is made with a pastry dough that is filled with a sweet filling such as dulce de leche, fruit or chocolate. Pastafrola is then baked and served with whipped cream or ice cream.

Llama Steak 

Popular Argentina Foods

Llama steak is a popular dish in Argentina. Llama meat is very lean and has a mild flavor that is similar to beef.

Llama steak is often served with chimichurri sauce or other Argentinean sauces.


Humita is a dish that is made from fresh corn that is ground and mixed with onions, chili peppers, salt and oil. The mixture is then wrapped in corn husks and steamed until cooked. Humita can be eaten as a side dish or it can be served as an appetizer.

Dulce de batata

Popular Argentina Foods

Dulce de batata is a dessert that is made from sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes are boiled and then mashed with sugar, cinnamon and milk.

Dulce de batata is often served as a side dish with ice cream or dulce de leche.


Matambre is a popular Argentine dish that consists of flank steak, ham, hard-boiled eggs and cheese. The ingredients are rolled up in the matambre cut into lengths before being baked or grilled.

The matambre has a crispy outside while the inside remains moist. It is usually eaten with bread on the side.

Argentinian Pizza

Popular Argentina Foods

Argentinian pizza is a type of pizza that is popular in Argentina. It is made with a thin crust that is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, salami and other Italian meats. Argentinian pizza is often served with a side of fries.


Popular Argentina Foods

Medialunas are a type of pastry that is traditional in Argentina. They are made from puff pastry that is cut into rounds, fried and then glazed with sugar or honey. Medialunas are usually served for breakfast along with coffee or tea.

Final Words

These are just a few of the popular foods that are eaten in Argentina. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from delicious desserts to savory meats. If you are ever in Argentina, be sure to try some of these amazing dishes!

Thanks for reading! I hope this gives you a little taste of the types of food that are popular in Argentina. Be sure to check out the other posts for more information on other cuisine. Enjoy! 🙂

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