15 Popular Argentina Drinks: Time to Sip Some Culture!

Nowadays, Argentina is becoming a popular tourist destination because of its rich culture and delicious cuisine. Many people who visit this country may be surprised to discover the wide range of drinks that are available there.

The Argentinian culture is full of traditions, and one of the most important ones are their drinks. Whether it be a hot afternoon in Buenos Aires or just an ordinary day in your life, Argentina has a drink for you!

Here we will cover some popular Argentina drinks that you should keep on your radar if ever traveling to this South American country. They will give you an idea as to why this nation is such an amazing place for travelers and locals alike!

Here are 15 drinks you should try if you ever visit Argentina!


Popular Argentina Drinks

This is a traditional Argentinian drink and an important part of the culture as it marks the beginning and end of gatherings. It is usually consumed with family or friends in social settings, and many believe that drinking mate will bring people together even more! The taste can be described as earthy and grassy with a hint of natural sweetness

Mate is a drink that can be found all over South America. It is commonly consumed during the afternoon and it really brings people together, as they sit around a gourd with a straw known as a bombilla. The best part about this drink? It has nearly zero calories!

Malbec Wine

A very popular type of Argentinian wine, Malbec is a great choice if you want to taste something new. It so happens that this variety of grapes was actually first cultivated in France! This red grape eventually migrated to Argentina where it became the most commonly planted grape of the country’s vast wine regions.

Malbec has flavors that range from subtle and earthy to bold and fruity, which makes it a hit with wine drinkers!

Quilmes Beer

Popular Argentina Drinks

Quilmes is actually the most popular brand of beer in Argentina. This pale pilsner-style lager was first brewed in 1889 by a man from Croatia and it has been a local favorite ever since.

A refreshing pale lager that is perfect for those hot Argentinian days. It truly is one of Argentina’s most popular drinks. If you see it on a menu, don’t be shy and give it a try!

Fernet Con Cola

This drink is made with the bitter Italian Fernet and a local cola which gives it its distinct flavor.

Fernet is an herbal liqueur traditionally made from a number of herbs and roots including myrrh, chamomile, iris, and saffron. It has quite a strong taste so when combined with the sweet cola, it makes a great fizzy drink.

While many people have their own way of drinking this beverage, some Argentinians enjoy mixing it with coke in a 50-50 ratio and then topping it off with a lemon twist. This is a very popular drink in Argentina so if you see it on the menu, go ahead and give it a try!

Vino De Mate

Popular Argentina Drinks

This drink is made by pouring red wine into a gourd that already has yerba mate tea in it. The end result is a sweet fruity blend that you will want to try again and again.

People who are not familiar with Argentina’s culture may be surprised to find wine coming out of a gourd. However, it is actually quite common in Argentina and people enjoy drinking this drink with friends and family.


This is a drink that you will not find in many other places. It can be made out of corn, fruits, or even rice to give it its distinct flavor. The end result is something sweet and bubbly that used to be consumed by the ancient civilizations of South America!

The ancient cultures could not utilize grapes for their drinks because grapes were not native to South America. Hence, they made their drinks from different fruits and other ingredients which gave them a very unique taste!

Corn Ulpada

Popular Argentina Drinks

This is a traditional drink that is made out of crushed corns which are then boiled in water. As it sits, the colors start to separate and you end up with something light yellow on top and dark red at the bottom! The taste can be described as sweet and spicy at the same time.

Ulpadas are very popular throughout Argentina. However, they are not very common in the country’s big cities so if you ever visit a small town, be sure to try it!


Coffee is a popular drink all over the world so it should come as no surprise that Argentina likes to indulge in this beverage. Many Argentinians enjoy having their coffee with sugar and hot milk. While many are used to drinking espresso, there are several other methods of brewing coffee that are popular in Argentina including Chemex brewing method, Aeropress, and French press.

Amargo Obrero

Popular Argentina Drinks

This is a very interesting drink that you need to be adventurous to try. It is made from the bark of a tree known as Quebracho which has been used by indigenous people in Argentina for centuries. The end result is something with a bitter taste that you will either love or hate!

The taste might not be so great but it comes packed with health benefits! Some Argentinian drinkers believe that it can strengthen your immune system and help digestion. If nothing else, its unique flavor will certainly intrigue your palate and make for an unforgettable drinking experience!

Antares Beer

This is a pale lager that is actually brewed in Buenos Aires. You can taste its flavors on draft or bottled and it will never disappoint!

This is a very popular brand of beer in Argentina, Antares has been around since 1897. This pale lager is brewed according to an old Bavarian recipe with a classic taste that you will enjoy!

El Submarino

Popular Argentina Drinks

This is a very simple beverage! It is made with two ingredients, milk and an “Agua de Sabor” (flavored water). While it may be simple, it has its own distinct flavor that can’t be found anywhere!

This drink is also known as “The Fish Bowl” because of the way it looks. You will find this drink at any school or workplace in Argentina.


This is a very popular traditional drink from the subtropical northeastern region of Argentina. It is similar to Mate and can be made with different ingredients such as sweetened condensed milk or sugar. However, this drink is usually unsweetened and has ice cubes added to it for that extra cool and refreshing taste!


Popular Argentina Drinks

This drink may not sound very appealing at first, but once you taste it there is no going back. Hesperidina tastes like a mix between grapefruit and orange juice with a hint of lemon and vodka!

This drink has its origins in Buenos Aires and it is quite popular. Rather than drinking this straight up, many Argentinians will have it with soda water or sparkling water for that extra fizzy factor. It was not originally from Argentina but it took off here and now many people call it Argentina’s “National Drink”!

Schneider Beer

This is a pale lager that has a nice crisp taste and goes perfect with a hot Argentine asado!

The Schneider brewery was opened in Mendoza, Argentina in 1888 by Carlos and Otto Hiern. It made its name by being the first brewery to produce German style beer for export from Argentina. This beer is now exported all over Latin America and is especially popular during the wintertime!


Popular Argentina Drinks

This is a delicious beverage that has its origins in Argentina. It is their version of white wine but made from grapes rather than the vines!

Torrontés is produced in the La Rioja, Mendoza, Salta, San Juan and San Luis provinces of Argentina. You will find it ranging from dry to semi-sweet depending on which region you are drinking it from!

It is generally served well chilled with citrus fruits or savory appetizers. This beverage is best enjoyed during Springtime so be sure to try it out next time spring rolls around! The acidity of this wine will give you that fresh feeling that we all look for in our drinks!

Final Words

Well there you have it! 15 popular Argentina drinks that you simply must try if you decide to visit the amazing country of Argentina. Traveling is all about trying new things and different beverages are definitely part of this experience. So get your passport ready, make sure to pack your bag with these drinks, and get ready for one amazing adventure!

This concludes our article on 15 popular Argentina Drinks. We hope you learned something new and enjoyed reading the article! Please leave us a comment in the section below and let us know what you thought of this post, we would love to hear from you! Thank You for Reading!!! Have a good day!

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