What is France Known For?

France is located in Western Europe, and it is the most populated country in that particular region. France shares its borders with Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy (and of course the English Channel.) What … Read More →

What is Croatia Known For?

Croatia is a country in Europe that has been gaining popularity over the years. The country has a population of 4 million people. It’s capital city is Zagreb which sits on the eastern side of … Read More →

What is Colombia Known For?

Colombia is a country in the Western Hemisphere, bordered by Panama to the northwest, Ecuador and Peru to the east, Brazil to the southeast, Venezuela to the south and southwest. Colombia has a population of … Read More →

What is Ireland Known For?

Ireland is a country located in the Northern part of Europe. It is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean to its left and surrounded by several smaller countries such as Northern Ireland, England and Wale. … Read More →